Best Practices for Managing Your EV Charging Program

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The growth of the EV market is ushering in a new era of transportation. Many people are making the decision to switch to EVs and are expecting their communities to meet their EV charging needs.

But once you have your EV charging stations, how do you actually manage your charging program? At SemaConnect, our team of Account Managers is there to walk you through the process. Having worked with thousands of clients, they’ve seen the best practices and are ready to share them with you!

Watch this conversation to see how easy it is to manage EV charging stations, the different ways you can structure pricing and access, and the robust reporting capabilities you can take advantage of.

Watch now to learn about: 

  • EV market trends & projections for future growth
  • 3 factors fueling greater EV adoption in the marketplace
  • Change in the vehicle “fueling” paradigm
  • Best practices for setting up access and determining pricing structures
  • Robust reporting capabilities to track the success of your EV charging program

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See how other leading companies are running effective EV charging programs with SemaConnect!

Meet the Speakers


Stephen Carroll
VP of Marketing


Kirsten Killion

Kirsten Killion
Manager of Customer Success