EV Charging for Healthcare

Why Today's Leading Medical Facilities Are Installing EV Chargers


The growth of the EV market is ushering in a new era of transportation. Many people are making the decision to switch to EVs and are expecting their communities to meet their EV charging needs. 

As an important part of every community, medical facilities across the country are seizing the opportunity to invest in EV charging infrastructure as a way to meet the needs of their employees, patients, & guests, boost their reputation with a demonstrated commitment to sustainability & innovation, and improve their public image.

Watch this conversation with SemaConnect experts to see how easy it is to install and manage EV charging stations, the different types of incentives and rebates that you qualify for, and the benefits of EV charging at your facility.

Watch now to learn about: 

  • EV market trends & projections for future growth 
  • 3 factors fueling greater EV adoption in the marketplace 
  • Change in the vehicle “fueling” paradigm 
  • Top 3 benefits of EV charging at your medical facility
  • How SemaConnect can help you get started

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See why leading medical facilities are installing 
EV charging on their properties.

Meet the Speakers


Stephen Carroll
VP of Marketing


Nick Gameos

Nick Gameos
Territory Sales Manager