How to Attract More Guests with EV Charging
EV Charging for the Hospitality Industry

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Today, travelers have nearly endless options when it comes to hospitality destinations. It is increasingly challenging to compete for the attention and loyalty of today's consumers.

But as more drivers switch to electric vehicles, EV charging stations at your destinations are a great way to remain competitive and attract this growing audience. By offering this in-demand amenity to your guests, you'll also demonstrate your commitment to sustainability while modernizing your curb appeal.

Watch this conversation to see how easy it is to get started EV charging stations, the benefits of offering EV charging at your properties, and the federal, state, and local incentives that make EV charging even more affordable. 

Watch now to learn about: 

  • EV market trends & projections for future growth 
  • 3 factors fueling greater EV adoption in the marketplace 
  • Change in the vehicle “fueling” paradigm 
  • Benefits of EV charging at hospitality locations
  • How SemaConnect can help you get started
  • Why now is the time to invest in EV charging

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Meet the Speakers


Stephen Carroll
VP of Marketing


Randy Etman

Randy Etman
Regional Sales Director