Level 2 vs. DCFC: 
Which Level is Right for Me? 

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DCFC is typically what first comes to mind when discussing EV charging, however, Level 2 (L2) charging is often the most cost-effective and easily deployable option.

Matching the location and level of charging will eliminate unnecessary project costs. Ultimately, the use case will dictate what level of charging is required for a particular location.  

Watch this conversation with the SemaConnect experts for a comprehensive overview of the differences between L2 and DCFC and see how you can determine which is best for your property. 

Watch now to learn about:

  • EV market trends & projections for future growth
  • 3 factors fueling greater EV adoption in the marketplace
  • Change in the vehicle "fueling" paradigm
  • The differences between level 2 charging and DC fast charging
  • How to determine which level is best suited for your property
  • How SemaConnect can help you get started
  • Why now is the time to invest in EV charging

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Learn about the major differences between Level 2 and DCFC and see how to determine which is best for your property. 

Meet the Speakers


Stephen Carroll
VP of Marketing



Eric Smith
Director of Commercial Business Development 


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Sylas Rohner
Sales Enablement Program Manager