How EV Charging is Contributing to a More Sustainable Future


As people and organizations around the world spend time considering the impact of their actions on the Earth and our environment, we want to share with you how EVs and EV charging stations are contributing to a more sustainable future.  

With this sustainable amenity at your property, not only will you be able to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, but you will also be able to attract more high-value EV drivers. 

Watch this conversation with SemaConnect's EV charging experts to learn more about the rapidly growing EV market, the latest sustainable amenity - EV charging stations, and how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals. 

Watch now to learn about: 

  • EV market trends & projections for future growth
  • 3 factors fueling greater EV adoption in the marketplace
  • Change in the vehicle “fueling” paradigm
  • How EVs are better for the environment
  • How SemaConnect charging stations helps enable your sustainability efforts
  • Why now is the time to invest in EV charging

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Learn why it is imperative that all properties take action and embrace the benefits of a green economy

Meet the Speakers


Stephen Carroll
VP of Marketing


Connie Meehan

Connie Meehan
Regional Sales Director