EV Charging Incentives to Help You Save:
Why Now is the Time to Invest

Time to Invest Webinar

With so many options available to properties, it can be a challenge to know where to begin when it comes to EV charging.

At SemaConnect, our goal is to make EV charging easy and accessible to everyone. 

With the recent passage of The Inflation Reduction Act, commercial businesses can now receive significant tax credits with the installation of EV charging stations at their property - but they have to act fast.

Watch this conversation with the SemaConnect experts for a step-by-step guide to getting started with EV charging and why now is the time to invest and save big. 

Watch now to learn about: 

  • EV market trends & future growth projections 
  • 7 easy steps to get started with EV charging 
  • SemaConnect’s EV charging solutions 
  • Incentive & rebate programs at the federal, state, & local levels to help you save on EV charging 
  • Why now is the time to invest in EV charging

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Ssee how you can take advantage of new federal tax credits to save big on EV charging in 2022. 

Meet the Speakers


Stephen Carroll
VP of Marketing


Randy Etman

Randy Etman
Regional Sales Director